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Here is what GCC Patients have to say

I have had the great fortune of being under the care of GCC for quite some time now, between Testosterone therapy, dietary supplement education and home delivery, GCC has no equal. Being able to communicate with Dr. Chastant about concerns, when I have them is priceless. The immediate and complete attention you’re given is nothing short of amazing.

- D.A. Phoenix, AZ


Dr. Chastant demonstrated such brilliance, kindness, and truly captivated me with his knowledge of the entire human body. To this day, I tell him how he saved my life. It’s because of him that I can continue as a wife, vocalist, and most importantly a mother to my children. There is no better gift in the world than to feel completely understood. Not only does Dr. Chastant continue to provide the best medical care anywhere, his assistant Josh facilitates every order with such ease and perfection. He is kind, patient, and is an expert at making one’s patient experience so fulfilling. Only the best, work with the best.

My family and I are forever thankful and my heart belongs to this team. So do I recommend Dr. Chastant? No, instead I insist all those who are suffering without answers to take a leap of faith and to finally allow themselves a doctor who does no harm, but rather designs a plan to treat the source rather than just the symptoms.

- S.P. Austin, TX


Between the support and care provided by Dr. Chastant, Josh Williams, Arnie Fonseca’s exercise recommendations and your (Jody Drange) dietary suggestions, I am fortunate to have come up with a team of guiding lights who’s passions and gifts should pave my way for a brighter and healthier future.

With all my thanks and Gratitude, I will take care and you do the same.

- D.F. Phoenix, AZ


I had such an incredible experience there in Oct. 2013 with my full cleanse! Loved the entire staff. My best to you, and my gratitude for all you do for so many people!!! Thank you!!!

- J.H. Lee's Summit, MO