What Causes Erectile Dysfunction (& What Can Be Done About It)

If you’re one of the thousands of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) you need to know, “you’re not alone.” ED is not something that is discussed among friends and in many instances men don’t even want to discuss erectile dysfunction with their doctor.

 The good news is, at Grand Canyon Clinics, we’ve successfully helped reduce the signs and symptoms of ED in men of all ages. Grand Canyon Clinics offers the latest innovative and safe erectile dysfunction treatments.

 Know that when you call Grand Canyon Clinics to book an appointment you are safe to discuss any men’s health issue with us, especially ED.

 We help men struggling with the inability to:

  1. Get a firm erection

  2. Keep an erection

  3. Improve or increase sexual desire and drive

what is ed

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

ED is also called male impotence and is described as a “consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection for mutually satisfactory sexual intercourse.” Erectile dysfunction isn’t considered a disease, but can be a signal that there are other underlying medical issues.

 ED is a common condition that impacts more than half of men who are 40- to 70-years-old.

 Erectile dysfunction can be caused by other health issues including:

  1. High blood pressure

  2. Heart disease

  3. Nervous system disorders

  4. Diabetes

  5. Depression

  6. Side effects of prescription medications,

  7. And others

 We understand your sexual function and health are important to your quality of life. Even though this is a condition discussed on television and in other media, it is still a difficult condition for men to discuss with their physicians. Know though, that if you have your ED successfully treated you will improve the satisfaction of your sexual life, enhance your sexual intimacy with your partner, relieve symptoms of depression and even improve the overall quality of your life.

What Can Be Done About ED?)

There are many varied treatments for men with erectile dysfunction and they include:

  1. Medications

  2. Hormonal therapy

  3. Penile injections

  4. Sexual counseling

  5. A combination therapy of several methods

  6. Shock-wave therapy

 Your physician at Grand Canyon Clinics will sit down with you, discuss your lifestyle and your men’s health concerns. You may need to undergo blood work to gain a full understanding of your health and your testosterone levels. We may also recommend a change in your lifestyle.

 If you have factors such as: lack of physical activity; obesity; unhealthy diet or other underlying health issues, we will work with you to address those issues. Taking care of your entire physical being and your overall health will help address your erectile dysfunction concerns.

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If you’re in Arizona or California, ask us about our telemedicine program. You can speak with Dr. Chastant from the comfort of your home and get help for your ED or talk with him about other medical concerns you’re facing.

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